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Sound Prodigy

About This Project

DJ Pat Connolly came to us looking for a new web design team because he wasn’t satisfied with his current situation. Initially he was looking to just get some simple updates to his 10+ year old site. But when we discussed what we could do for him, he decided to have us completely revamp it from scratch. Since DJ Pat is a wedding DJ, most of his clients are young couples. After looking into some analytics, it came to our attention that over 90% of the visits to his current site were on a mobile device. So first and foremost, a responsive design was the first priority. He was also blogging on the blogger platform at the time, which was just generating traffic for his blog, when it could have been generating traffic for his DJ business, and increasing leads. So we imported his entire blogger account to his new WordPress site, and trained him on the new platform for future posts. We implemented all our SEO standards to make sure the site was search engine friendly. And installed our custom caching solution to make sure the site was lighting fast on mobile devices. Pat has reported to us that his traffic has increased since the sites launch and his clients and colleagues love the new look.


“I have been using Michael Dishmon with Arselin now for the last year and I have to say that I am very impressed. At first I was just hiring him to rework a couple areas to my existing website, but after speaking with him and noticing the some flaws to my original site I decided to scrap the whole thing and start over again from scratch. And lets just say that’s the best decision I could have ever made.
Since he was hired recreate my website Mr. Dishmon has given me not only great ideas and has done fantastic work but he has also met all creative deadlines when requested. Since that has happened I have not only noticed an increase in traffic but I have also had fellow colleagues compliment me on having such an amazing site. Witch has subsequently led to me hiring Michael for separate plus referring him to other professionals in my field that needed professional and creative web presence.
I fully endorse Michael Dishmon to anyone looking to make a statement online.”
-Warmest Regards, DJ Pat (Owner Sound Prodigy)

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August 04, 2014

Web Design