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About This Project

Bodhtree is a long time client who we have had countless projects with in the past. They came to us initially to design their application’s user interface, and ended up using our service to create a brochure for their company. Since they are a very large corporation, we often get only bits and pieces of design elements they needed complete from a variety of departments, so communication and creative flexibility was crucial. Our most recent project has been on the Bodhtree Sessions Planner which mapped out an entire business conference from beginning to end. It needed to be a simple and efficient application that delivered vital information as quickly as possible. To accomplish this we implemented a simple and easy to recognize design element that would not distract the user when mapping out their day at the conference.


“We have been using Creative Colossal’s services since they were known as Arselin Media. From website designs, application user interfaces, and even a brochure or two, they are our go to design company for everything we do. We will be a long time customer for all future projects.”
-Rich Wilson


June 2012

App Design, Print, Web Design